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AccuSim Ltd form world beating driving simulation team

AccuSim Ltd, Oxfordshire UK based driving simulation company, announces the dawn of a new era in the driving simulator market as AccuSim proudly unveils the formation of a world-leading team of driving simulator experts; Dave Kirkman (Technical Director & Founder), Dominic Bennett (Lead Engineer), and Jimmy Yau (Senior Simulator Engineer). 

Dave Kirkman brings over 17 years of proven leadership in the motorsport driving simulator world having previously led the Williams F1 simulator development. Known for his innovative products such as the highly successful class leading Williams F1 motion platform and his transformative vision for the simulation industry. Dave has 5 patents to his name in the driving simulator sector.

Dominic Bennett, with a keen eye for detail and a multitude of skillsets, adds additional capability in mechanical design and control system expertise. Dominic joins the AccuSim team having previously been at the forefront of Simulation Engineering Customer Service and is well placed to ensure our products have an unparalleled customer experience.

Jimmy Yau, has a strong background in vehicle model integration and motion control, having previously worked on motion platform simulator technology.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jimmy, and Dominic to our team," said Dave Kirkman Technical Director & Founder. "Their combined expertise will ensure AccuSim is well placed to disrupt the driving simulator market, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our customers."

AccuSim Ltd is poised for exponential growth with this powerhouse team leading the charge. Stay tuned for exciting developments as they redefine excellence in the driving simulator landscape.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Dave Kirkman 

Technical Director & Founder

AccuSim Ltd 

About AccuSim Ltd:

AccuSim Ltd is an exciting new company with ambitious plans to revolutionise the driving simulator market. Utilising their combined experience; including leaders in the field of composite design and manufacture, motion control and electrical systems design, the AccuSim team are radically reimagining the driving simulator market. With a commitment to providing high quality and high-performance products for all budgets, AccuSim strive to provide a wide range of hardware and software tools for all forms of motorsport driving simulation.

For more information about our disruptive driving simulator products please contact us at


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